XSW-320 Gated---门控制的SWIR短波红外相机

发布时间:2019-03-04 01:31:10

XSW- 320 Gated 短波红外成像模块是OEM模块,它光谱范围在0.9到1.7μm光谱带,并提供集成时间极短(100 ns)。它的InGaAs探测器的分辨率320 x 256像素,像素间距20µm。XSW-320门控的一个特点是可编程的触发延迟,从内部生成的触发脉冲到积分的开始。传感器的曝光时间可配置为100 ns到1 ms,每步100 ns,或1 ms到40 ms(标准模式)。所有这些特

XSW- 320 Gated 短波红外成像模块是OEM模块,它光谱范围在0.9到1.7μm光谱带,并提供集成时间极短(100 ns)。它的InGaAs探测器的分辨率320 x 256像素,像素间距20µm。

XSW-320门控的一个特点是可编程的触发延迟,从内部生成的触发脉冲到积分的开始。传感器的曝光时间可配置为100 ns到1 ms,每步100 ns,或1 ms到40 ms(标准模式)。

所有这些特点,XSW-320 Gated 是完美的SWIR OEM模块, SWIR 门成像,检查灯泡和SWIR热成像或快速移动的物体。


  • CameraLink or Ethernet standard interfaces

  • CameraLink or ethernet machine vision interfaces

  • Extreme short 100 nsec integration time

  • Flexible programming in an open architecture

  • High sensitivity and excellent image quality

  • Programmable trigger out


  • Laser gated imaging

  • Measurement systems needing synchronisation of the camera with a pulsed laser

  • Imaging of hot or moving objects such as light bulb or turbine blades inspection

  • R&D (SWIR) with short integration times

Compatible with a variety of framegrabbers

Several compatible frame grabbers for CameraLink interface are available (Euresys Grablink Full, NI 1433 and Imperx Framelink Express VCE-CLEX01).

GigE Vision standard compatibility

The Gigabit Ethernet interface is compatible to the GigE Vision standard

High dynamic range

High dynamic range mode available

SWaP (Small size, weight and power )

Small volume, low weight and low power consumption for demanding applications


External trigger for signal synchronization

TrueNUC image correction

Non uniformity correction for a wide range of integration times

Windowing mode

Imaging in a reduced window of interest for increased frame rates

Array SpecificationsXSW-320 Gated
Detector typeInGaAs Focal Plan Array (FPA) ROIC with CTIA topology
Image format320 (w) x 256 (h) pixels
Pixel pitch20 μm
Spectral range0.9 μm to 1.7 μm
Pixel operability> 99 %
Array coolingTE1-stabilized
ROIC noise60 e-
Dark current0.19 x 10⁶ e-/s/pixel or 30 fA @ 200 mV bias at 288 K
Full well capacity125 k e-
Module SpecificationsXSW-320-Samtec GatedXSW-320-CL GatedXSW-320-GigE Gated
Imaging performance
Maximum frame rate (full frame)400 Hz
Min region sizeMinimum size 32 x 4
Exposure time range0.1 µs to 40 ms
Readout modeIntegrate Then Read (ITR)
Noise110 e-
Dynamic range61 dB
Analog-to-Digital (ADC)14 bits
On-board image processingAuto-Gain, Auto-Offset, Auto-ExposureAuto-Gain, Auto-Offset
Optical interfaceC-mount
Digital output format16bitDV/BT.656CameraLinkGigE Vision
Module controlSamtecCameraLinkGigE Vision
TriggerTrigger in or out (configurable)
Power requirements
Power consumption2.5 W2.8 W4 W
Power supplyDC 12 V
Physical characteristics
Ambient operating temperature range-40ºC to 70ºC
Storage temperature range-40ºC to 85ºC
Dimensions (width x height x length) - excluding lens (approximately)45 x 45 x 51 mm45 x 45 x 55 mm45 x 45 x 65
Weight module120 g129 g165 g