PLW20 高通量自动孔板装载系统

  • 产品描述:: 自动上样设备

发布时间:2019-04-09 06:59:06

PLW20 高通量自动孔板装载系统 对于先进的高通量细胞成像而言,该系统同时为用户提供了精确度和速度。PLW20可以自动加载20块孔板,而线性载物台则提供了出色的精度和快速移动的无与伦比的组合。Lumen 200可为各种荧光团提供高质量的荧光性能。Brightfield LED则为其他成像技术提供了出色的照明。滤光片、光阑、载物台、明场和对焦电机均通过ProScan III®进行控制,从

PLW20 高通量自动孔板装载系统 

对于先进的高通量细胞成像而言,该系统同时为用户提供了精确度和速度。PLW20可以自动加载20块孔板,而线性载物台则提供了出色的精度和快速移动的无与伦比的组合。Lumen 200可为各种荧光团提供高质量的荧光性能。Brightfield LED则为其他成像技术提供了出色的照明。滤光片、光阑、载物台、明场和对焦电机均通过ProScan III®进行控制,从而实现了先进的成像技术和长时间的全自动实验。

Adaptable to most modern inverted microscopes, the simple, rugged and compact PLW20 provides three independently controlled and encoded axes for rotational, vertical and horizontal movement. Combine the PLW20 with a Prior ProScan stage for your inverted microscope and you have a system designed specifically for high content screening applications with a capacity of 20 well plates (two racks of 10 each). The two stainless steel racks provided with each loader accommodate covered and uncovered well plates up to 19mm in height. Sensors monitor the presence of well plate racks so that the system can be programmed to respond when racks are changed in the middle of a run. Additionally, the DLL provided with the PLW20 is compatible with both ProScan II and ProScan III stage and focus controllers.

Capacity:20 well plates – in 2 racks of 10 plates each
Rack Sensor:Racks can be swapped while unit is running
Well Plate Detection:Racks are scanned for plates present. Plates are barcode read prior to loading for random access
Mishandling detection:Mishandling detection is built into both the gripper arm and stage insert
Barcode Readers:Optional 2D reader available
Vibration:Loader is stationary between operations, eliminating vibration during imaging operations
Scanning Stage Compatibility:Compatible with ProScan H117 inverted stages (please call)
Footprint:Compact unit occupies only 0.47m2 of bench space
Dimensions:84cm (W) x 55cm (D) x 66cm (H)
Input Voltage:100 – 240V AC
Regulatory Compliance:Fully CE Compliant